what is a frappe coffee? caramel, chocolate, and coffee drink

What is a Frappe Coffee? Your Guide To the Foamy Fun

what is a frappe coffee? caramel, chocolate, and coffee drink

If you’ve ever been to Greece or stepped foot in a coffee shop like Starbucks, you’ve probably seen frappes on the menu. But what is a frappe coffee? An iced coffee drink that’s blended to foamy perfection, it’s one of our favorite items to order. Not a latte and not a frappuccino, understanding exactly what a frappe is can be confusing for beginner coffee drinkers. Read on to learn more about frappes, from their history to how you can make one at home using our simple frappe coffee recipe.

What is a Frappe Coffee?

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A frappe coffee is a type of caffeinated drink made by beating, whipping, or blending ingredients. It creates a foamy beverage that is thick, creamy, and often indulgent. The strong coffee drink is served as an iced beverage and usually has toppings like whipped cream and syrups. While traditionally made with coffee, frappes can also be made non-caffeinated with ingredients like fruits, spices, and juices. 

The word frappe comes from the French verb “frapper”. This word translates to “slap” or “beat”, thus lending its name to the beaten beverage. In France, a frappé also generally means a drink that is served over ice

A frappe is different from a smoothie or milkshake thanks to its focus on a rich, creamy foam. All frappes have a thick foam layer on top while other blended drinks are created with a focus on general consistency — like a slushy or creamy smoothie without regard for foam.

History of the Frappe Coffee

what is a frappe coffee? The foamy, Greek invention

The first mentions of frappes begin to pop up in the mid-19th century. The drink doesn’t have one set recipe, rather it’s a type of drink where ingredients can be added and subtracted to craft new flavors. In different countries, you’ll find different takes on the beverage. 

One of the earliest mentions of a frappe dates back to 1950s Greece. At the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, the Nestle company — the parent company of Nescafe — offered a shaken chocolate and ice drink that serves as the basis for the popular drink today. The coffee version was invented by Dimitris Vakondios who wanted to enjoy his coffee at the fair but couldn’t find any hot water. Being an innovator, he blended instant coffee with cold water and crafted the frappe as we know it today. In many Greek cafes and coffee houses, you can order a café frappé and enjoy an iced coffee mixed with cold water and plenty of ice cubes. 

Over the years, people have crafted new versions of the classic Greek frappe. Modern blends include brews made with coca cola (Bulgaria), cold milk (Serbia), and cocoa (USA). Today, the drink is usually made using espresso grounds rather than instant coffee

How To Make a Frappe

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To make a frappe, you need just a few ingredients: coffee, water, ice cubes, and sugar. The beauty of this drink is you can easily make it unique by adding various flavorings, syrups, and spices.

For the best flavor, we recommend using whole coffee beans. Grind the beans just before brewing for the freshest taste. If you are brewing cold coffee drinks, use hot water to steep and let it cool to room temperature. Hot water brings out coffee flavors better than cold water. If you want to make cold brew, be ready to let the mixture steep for several hours before drinking.

Here’s how to make a simple frappe:

  1. Pour strong, chilled coffee into a blender or cocktail shaker.
  2. Add ice, sugar, water, and flavorings.
  3. Blend until the ice is crushed and a thick layer of foam develops.
  4. Serve in a tall glass and drizzle syrups or toppings if desired.

To make a coffee frappe, you can add a wide range of ingredients. Chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and strawberry glaze make excellent toppings. You can also make the beverage more indulgent by adding whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Sweeteners like Stevia and fruit pair perfectly with the creamy addition of whole milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. The different flavors are what make this beverage so popular. There’s truly a blend for any flavor preference. 

Discover the Joys of Coffee

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What is a frappe coffee? It’s a blended drink featuring coffee, water, and ice that’s renowned for its foamy, creamy texture. Whether you love a mocha frappe or a classic latte or cappuccino, there are so many ways to sip your way through the world of brewed coffee. With this frappe recipe, you’re sure to discover a new way to enjoy your favorite java beans.

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