hazelnut coffee: hazelnuts and coffee drink on a table
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Hazelnut Coffee: Why You’ll Go Nuts for This Flavored Coffee

hazelnut coffee: hazelnuts and coffee drink on a table

Looking for the best hazelnut coffee flavors? Here, we rounded up the best hazelnut coffee offerings on the market. We focused on coffee bean producers who emphasize sustainable practices and quality ingredients so you can get the best flavor without settling for crappy coffee beans. We’ll also highlight a few flavor syrups you can add to high-quality beans for extra tastiness.

What Is Hazelnut Coffee?

Hazelnut coffee is a type of flavored coffee. There are two different types of hazelnut coffee: whole beans infused with natural or synthetic hazelnut oils and regular coffee beans that have hazelnut syrup added to a drink mixture. To produce hazelnut coffee beans, most producers use lower-quality beans. That’s because high-quality beans are best enjoyed without any flavorings or additives. These beans showcase nuanced flavor profiles without the need for other additions.

Flavored coffees also contain artificial flavors and ingredients. These can alter the natural flavor of coffee beans and they tend to be looked down upon by real coffee connoisseurs. The added oils can also wreak havoc on many coffee grinders, causing further disapproval among coffee enthusiasts. However, if you just need to satisfy your flavored coffee kick, some producers are crafting better hazelnut coffees.

In general, hazelnut java is made using Arabica beans or robusta beans. Arabica coffee tends to be of better quality and offers a layered tasting profile. Within the flavored coffee category, there are several different options. Among the most popular are hazelnut and French vanilla coffee. There are also various roasting levels including Hazelnut medium roast, light roast, and dark roast coffees.

The flavor of coffee beans depends on where the beans are grown as well as how they are produced and roasted. Light roast coffees offer stronger flavor and usually one prominent tasting note. Dark roasts are milder and feature several different tasting notes.

The Best Hazelnut Coffee Flavors

hazelnut coffee blend

Finding the best hazelnut coffee is all about discovering high-quality producers. After all, a coffee bean is only as good as the growing and production practices. It’s especially important to buy from quality brands when drinking flavored coffee. Cheap brands mean poor quality beans, plus lots of additives that may not be so good for your health. Here are some of our favorite hazelnut java options from producers who value great ingredients and sustainable practices.

1. Lifeboost Hazelnut Coffee

Lifeboost is one of our favorite coffee brands. All of their beans are grown and produced using organic practices and sustainable farming methods. In the process, they help protect wildlife and empower environmental protections. These beans are all of single origin, high elevation, and shade-grown so you know exactly where and how the coffee was grown. Plus, they are low acid, thus offering better flavor.

Lifeboost’s Hazelnut Coffee comes from Nicaraguan coffee beans. They are hand-picked for optimal flavor, spring water washed, and then sun-dried and rested for 30 days. Natural oils are added for the hazelnut flavoring. The hazelnut joe is creamy, rich, and smooth making for the perfect pick-me-up or morning kickstarter.

2. SF Bay Coffee Hazelnut Creme

SF Bay makes coffee beans using 100% arabica beans from plantations across the globe. The beans are roasted and packaged in the USA and are grown only in small batches. The company focuses on high-quality premium beans and fair trade practices — helping to build schools, medical centers, and housing communities in regions where their coffee is grown.

SF Bay Hazelnut Creme is a real treat when it comes to flavored coffee. This hazelnut-flavored java is a medium roast. It features notes of hazelnut, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla. It has a smooth finish and a mildly sweet-tasting profile.

3. Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee

Don Francisco’s hazelnut offering is a medium roast ground coffee with delightfully nutty flavors. It;’s crafted with 100% arabica beans and features hazelnut and coconut tasting notes. While it’s called Hawaiin, the beans do not actually come from Hawaii. The title is more of a nod to the tropical tastes associated with the island. It’s naturally and artificially flavored and you can enjoy it hot, iced, or in cold brew coffee.

4. Cameron’s Coffee Light Roast Hazelnut

Cameron’s offers several hazelnut-flavored options including vanilla and nut blends. These are available as cold brew, decaf, iced espresso, Keurig K-Cup style pods, and instant coffee options. The Light Roast Hazelnut is among our favorite coffee options. It’s sweet and smooth with a mild flavor that’s ideal for coffee beginners. It has a high sweetness level so it’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, this one’s for you.

5. New England Hazelnut Creme Flavored Coffee

New England has been selling coffee across the globe for more than 100 years. Their commitment to high-quality coffee means they only offer 100% arabica beans. Only 10% of the world’s coffee production meets the balanced aroma and sweet, acidic flavor requirements of this brand. 

The Hazelnut Creme from New England Coffee is a particularly notable offering. It’s made with beans from Central and South America. The tasting profile features rich and nutty flavors as well as a mild hint of sweetness.

6. Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle is famous for its coffee brewers scene. It’s home to huge powerhouses like Starbucks and local roasters like Stumptown. Whether you like to whip up java in a French press or prefer a cup of coffee made using an espresso machine, Seattle has what you’re looking for.

Seattle’s Best Coffee has made a name for itself since its start back in 1970 when they were roasting coffee beans using a peanut roaster on Pier 70. Their signature roasting process takes 100% arabica beans and puts them through rigorous quality checks. This includes quality checks during growing, production, and before sale — including tastings from master coffee roasters.

Their Toasted Hazelnut Coffee offers a delicate hazelnut flavor that coffee drinkers will adore. It’s rich and aromatic with a tiny hint of sweetness. You can pick up a bag at your local grocery store as well as from online retailers like Amazon and Target.

Go Nutty for Hazelnut Coffee

creamy beverage with nuts

When it’s time for your next cup of coffee, look to these brands. They offer some of the best hazelnut joe on the market. Plus, many of them focus on sustainability and high-quality ingredients, making them a good choice for conscientious shoppers. Whether you want a dark roast espresso blend or a single-serve light roast option, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds on this list. 

Looking for other ways to enjoy coffee? Check out our blog. There, you’ll find guides to coffee basics — like where it’s grown and the best varieties — to tips on how to brew your next batch.

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