Hi! I’m Erika, the manager of the Cup & Bean team. We’re a small group of coffee enthusiasts looking to share our love for all things java. We’re not a snobbish, haughty coffee blog — you’ll have to go elsewhere for that. We’re here for all coffee lovers — whether you’re a beginner trying to figure out why your instant coffee tastes so bad or a connoisseur looking to discover new blends and flavors from around the world.

We believe coffee is a journey. Each individual has a different experience with coffee and we aim to make yours one that’s informed and fun. Here, you’ll find guides to coffees from different regions and countries so you can discover single origins and blends you love. Plus, we’re here for all the technical stuff. That includes learning how to brew coffee using different methods and offering recipes so you can make some of your favorite coffee shop dupes right at home. Join us on a coffee-fueled adventure where you’ll learn, laugh at our dumb jokes, and discover a love for coffee.